Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Update's to the talk (Suggestions & such please)

Ok well as it's known at the University, I seem to give a pretty acceptable lock-picking talk since they asked me to give it again this year to the society.

Rewriting it however is a pain in the arse since I can't stick videos in it but instead hope to give a live demonstration. So I thought I'd ask here, yes here... To all 6 of the people who occasionally stumble upon and read this thing.

What do you reckon I should add to the talk?

  • Legal Implications & Legality of Lock-Picking?
  • Electronic Locks & Defying Them?
  • Forensics For Finding Picked Locks?
  • More Stupid Anecdotes Of Things That Have Happened While Picking?

Fire a comment in the bottom if you have a suggestion, Much appreciated

Monday, 18 July 2011

Yada Yada Yada

Right well ignore that first post, that was ages ago and where this whole angry streak began.

Once again I'm bringing this place back to life and actually intend to keep up with it, since the world will be able to see when I'm fucking failing at focusing on work, life, drinking, hammock usage or whatever it is I'm meant to be doing.

I will also shamelessly link my good friend Pr3fatum's blog to here simply as it will be a shit tonne better than mine and because his stuff is more interesting. Plus he linked me and for that I owe him whatever little traffic I can send his way.

So yeah, enjoy watching this space and seeing things change with the madness of what happens in my life.

<¦Sudden vanishing periods may be due to excessive drink, code binging or near death experiences. If more than 2 weeks pass please contact me and get me back to work. I will quite happily send you a snow-cone or something in the mail in return¦>