Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Update's to the talk (Suggestions & such please)

Ok well as it's known at the University, I seem to give a pretty acceptable lock-picking talk since they asked me to give it again this year to the society.

Rewriting it however is a pain in the arse since I can't stick videos in it but instead hope to give a live demonstration. So I thought I'd ask here, yes here... To all 6 of the people who occasionally stumble upon and read this thing.

What do you reckon I should add to the talk?

  • Legal Implications & Legality of Lock-Picking?
  • Electronic Locks & Defying Them?
  • Forensics For Finding Picked Locks?
  • More Stupid Anecdotes Of Things That Have Happened While Picking?

Fire a comment in the bottom if you have a suggestion, Much appreciated

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